HAIRS a thought

Me and the girlys waiting for the show to start

Well today was a fun adventure, I got the privileged of going to "UNDRESSED" creativity exposed! Aka a wonderful hair show put on by Salon Centric! Going to hair shows is always fun because it gets me motivated and ready for a new year! I leave wanting to expand my portfolio, go try all the crazy new things I have learned, And be the best at my salon..... (well i already am amazing i must say) hahah jk!

This years trends and fashions are rather interesting! This hair season..... pretty much anything goes! You could probably crawl in a trash can, get dirty hair, come out of the trash and everyone would LOVE it! I also learned that most the hair lingo that i have grown up with has changed!

Back-combing, Ratting or Teasing your hair is NO LONGER CALLED RATTING OR TEASING. This new term is now called CUSHIONING! Yeah totally weird! And big hair is super back in style! GO Spanish fork girls! :) I knew some day you would be looked at as cool, instead of a freak with big hair!!!!

The new IT color is RED! No longer do we have brown, black or blonde hair..... Now we all need to have carrot top flaming red hair. If your hair is not red, you are NOT COOL!

Ombre Hair Color AKA color melting is also the other IT thing! I think today I learned 10 different ways to do this..... I am now a Ombre color PRO! I think it is in-graven into my brain after watching so many presentations today.

Also It is no longer cool to have nice soft looking hair.... Controlled chaos is now what you need!
basically.... super layered, textured, funkey, and sometimes SCARY hair!
I learned this in the L'oreal professionnel class. During this strange class, they wanted to be creative and had the girls and hair models dancing in diapers! Im not even kidding! I was laughing so freaking hard! Their 'inspired' collection, from the run way in france, was kinda strange!
here are the diaper dancers!!!

The Redken class was great.... but that might be because I am biased! I love the Redken color line and so I usually love there classes.

Matrix was good..... again with the ombre and bologie (free hand coloring with no foils)
Fun reminders of faster ways to do hair, and get super creative!
During this class..... they had a competition! I entered and ended up WINNING! YIPPY! $100 and tons of free product! It was so funny!
They had teams and we had 3 mins to create a look of what ever the subject was. The subject ended up being Jersey shore! hahahaha I totally kicked trash on my model! she looked great! A Snooki look-a-like.... but better, more modern!
I think the real thing that made us win was the KINSLEY booty shaking I did when my model was doing the cat walk! I so wish someone had been recording it! I had everyone laughing so
hard! Oh well maybe next time!
Pravana naturceuticals class i think i almost fell asleep!!!! Like the most boring class EVER.... We were learning about there new PERFECTION SMOOTHOUT TREATMENT, that is kinda cool.... but I think All the straighteners are over rated! I have and spent like $865 on the Brazilian blow out and have been soooooo UN-impressed! So im thinking this is kinda the same!

The Lunch session was so Great and funny! It was taught by Dr. lew, a Motivational psychologist of the beauty Industry! He has wrote 27 books, and I have got to get one!
He is so so funny! He did teach me 4 really great things that stood out to me!

#1- Tell yourself every day, that today is the
most important day of your life

#2- You choose your attitude, happy people look for the positive and turn negative experences into positive ones.
-unhappy people are always spending there life looking for a list to blame others and events on why they are not happy.
example: you get in a car crash
*happy person gets out, says im so sorry, here is my car insurance,
what can we do to get this fixed
*normal person get out, says what the heck, kinda yells gets mad, now the person you got into the accident with is mad.... you fight.... call the cops..... and it turns into a bad day.
* negative Nancey get out screaming, yelling, ticked off, and then gets beat up because
the other person is in a gang!
wouldn't you want to be number 1 who handles the situation calmly! It will make your life alot easier and happier
#3- what is........ just is
-all frustration is self produced.
-we need to think of things as just an inconvenience NOT A TRAGEDY.
-try to be developing out attitudes to be positive and not negative.

#4- Today we will proceed as though challenges have solutions
-Soround our-selfs with positive people at the salon or just in life
-always be optimistic in everything you do!

Anyway I want to buy all his books now! I loved everything he said......
I wanted all to see what he looks like..... but this was the only picture I could find! The Doctor and some random girl! hahahahaha I hope this girl finds my blog and sees I have been posting pictures of her!

Then I had 2 more classes, but really I am so tired. I will have to talk about there another day!

Over all today was a really fun and wonderful day! I love going to these types of classes and need to start going to more! Someday i would love to be an educator! It would be a great and fun job!
Im so excited to go to Vegas for my next hair show next month..... counting down the days!

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  1. oh kins, I miss you! I want to go to lunch or something. And I am so happy you are an ombre expert now! I'm seriously thinking of having you do it this fall! Miss you tons!